Translation and interpreting
We provide translation and interpreting services for common and rare languages. Attention to detail and impeccable knowledge of intercultural context are guaranteed.
Simultaneous interpreting
Interpreting, which your guests hear through special earphones in real-time, right along with the speaker. The interpreter(s) is sitting in a simultaneous interpretation booth or working right in the room with the use of portable equipment. We provide all the necessary equipment.
Consecutive interpreting
An interpreting mode suitable for negotiations and business meeting as well as major events where you do not have to provide equipment for all the listeners. An interpreter is on the stage or at the negotiating table. S/he interprets phrase by phrase, with the speaker making pauses.
(whispered interpreting)
A form of simultaneous interpreting: an interpreter translates the speech into the ear of one or two listeners in a low voice without using any equipment. It is mostly used for personal interpreting during major events and for accompanying guests in business and private trips.
Translation of business, legal, technical, and literary texts, localization of sites and methodical literature. It is important to be able to convey meanings so as to be clear for your audience. It is also important to retain the message and style of the text (marketing, academic, humorous or any other). We can also have your translation notarized or apostilled.
Proofreading by a native speaker and linguistic analysis
For a text to sound absolutely natural in a foreign language environment, we will ask our fellow native speakers to check it for consistency. If you need to find mistakes in the text and prove the need for its revision (for example, a contractor did a bad translation for you), we will draw up a report of disagreements and collect the reasons for improving the translation.
Editing and proofreading
If your translation was performed by employees of the company, non-professional translators or non-native speakers, you will need to edit the translation to make sure that the idea is conveyed accurately. If the text is done correctly, however, it is important to avoid any spelling, punctuation and stylistic errors, our professional proofreaders will make it impeccable.
Our designers will gladly convert your translation materials in any visual formats so that you can comfortably work in a single window mode.