AIC offers language training and a wide range of soft skills training to ensure successful intercultural communication. We create programs and courses that meet your personal and corporate needs and are in line with the latest educational practices.
Language courses
You can learn English or other languages in Moscow or another city in person or by Skype, individually or in a group. All you need to do is leave a request, and our skilled teacher with experience of working and living in a foreign country will develop a personal educational program for you based on your objectives: whether it's learning business English with an American accent to make a presentation at a conference or learning everyday vocabulary for the first year of life in China.
Preparation for international and Russian exams
Not every teacher will be able to prepare you for IELTS, TOEFL, CAE or any other international or Russian school exam. We organize targeted training for you and make sure that it also helps you to develop your language skills in life. We will also guide you through the organisational aspects of your exam and the best ways to prepare for it individually.
Corporate strategic sessions to enter the international market
We can create a strategic session, a brainstorming session or a game based on your needs, where your employees can establish international relations, plan international projects, gather and analyze international experience that your company has already had, and practice speaking a foreign language. Such sessions are also highly popular with companies having several working languages or expats.
Training in working with foreigners
Often, companies need to help their employees to master intercultural communication skills from the ground up in the short term: We will teach you to conduct business correspondence with foreign colleagues, adhere to business etiquette, and the guidelines for international negotiations; we will help you to create procedures for inviting speakers to your event so that your employees could do it themselves after several sessions with us.
Training of English speaking moderators, facilitators, and trainers
The courses are for specialists who conduct sessions, trainings, and events in English. We discuss the nuances of working with international groups and the specifics of moderation in English, we also offer you the practice of working with a foreign group which we specifically invite to such trainings. We know that there is an abundance of new Russian methods of working with a group, and we want to help Russian moderators use them with an international audience.
Training of professional interpreters
We have created, conducted, and recorded several versions of Keep Calm and Interpret interpretation course, trained several dozens of young interpreters, who are successfully working in the profession thanks to the training we provide. We also give individual advice on translation and interpretation to beginners and experienced translators who wish to enhance their skills. Such consultations often attract not only interpreters but also professionals from various other fields who want to improve their English, memory, public speaking skills, and reaction time.