Analytics and consulting
You want to enter foreign markets or start working with foreign partners, but it turns out that the international business environment is different from the Russian one. To know exactly what to learn, what to do, and what to expect, the AIC provides analytical and consulting services.
Advising on work with foreign partners and communication support
We will help you to develop a strategy of cooperation with specific partners from other countries while avoiding potential problems with international communication. We will develop a comprehensive communication strategy if there are expats in your team, or if you start working in a foreign environment. We will also be glad to develop your communication ideas: we will contact partners by email or call clients in accordance with the task.
Business counselling and entry into international markets
Often in order to choose a new country or region for your business development, in order to formulate a proper communication strategy for a new culture, it is necessary to analyze a lot of materials paying attention to every little detail: how the colours of your logo are perceived abroad, how your name sounds in the local language. Such decisions are better made with the help of consultants and local community representatives who may act as a focus group.
Studying or working abroad on a turnkey basis
If you don't know where to start preparing your travel documents or if you can't decide on an educational program (whether it's a high school for your child or an MBA for you), please contact us! You will receive comprehensive support and recommendations on how to obtain all official certificates, choose the most appropriate type of training, and even reminders about deadlines for submitting applications. We can also help you with international documents, CVs, motivation letters, academic articles, and other necessary materials.
Conducting interviews in a foreign language to select the right candidate or analyze the data received and transcribe the record. Interviewing can be combined with translation when the interviewer talks to a respondent (with or without the script) and summarizes the important points in a language you understand.
Foreign markets analysis
We conduct a complete analysis of the market that is of interest to you so that you know how to bring your business to a new country and region. If there is a lack of information in open sources we can contact our representatives and partners abroad to conduct an interview with local representatives or visit local institutions and get first-hand information.
Qualitative data analysis
We analyze and classify text data in foreign languages. This service can be useful for you when data cannot be automatically processed, when the specificity of the language requires a deep understanding of slang, metaphors, and figures of speech. Such analysis will be useful for sociological and marketing research, as well as in the preparation of analytical reports.
Preparation of analytical materials
We select the necessary sources and analytical materials in foreign languages, systematize and translate them, if necessary. This allows you to have as much data as possible to solve your task. We can also create infographics or review sources in several languages for you, as our team has experts in different countries working with different languages.
Best practices review
When you're looking for a solution to your problem, it's important to know how the world's leaders in your industry act in a similar situation, and how you shouldn't act. We select and systematize the best international practices, collect successful and unsuccessful cases, and use them to create a solution to your problem. Such results often become the starting point for the work of strategic sessions.
Seeking foreign partners
If you need to find those who will be interested in your activities, products or services - to find partners in other countries and cultures, you should act in a comprehensive and coherent manner. After all, there are a lot of channels and searching strategies, even more markets, but the resources are limited. It is better to start working with professionals who know the specificities of local markets or have representatives there at the earliest.